Novatech and Ilva Glass

the history of our company

Novatech is part of Ilva glass group based in Changxing near Huzhou since 2005 Ilva glass is based in Italy founded in 1950 as one of the European biggest producers in glass components specialities for high-quallity industries world wide.

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provide more than 10 milions glass-ceramic

Novatech Glass Co.,Ltd. produces for the home appliance market, the raw glass material useful to manufact components request from the customer, and in particular:Ceramic Glass, this material has the following property that permit to use it in cooktop panel with induction and radiant cook system: Resistance to thermal shock and high termperatures.

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Sports sponsorship

higher, faster and stronger

We are also very enthusiastic about participating in sports sponsorship and spreading our brand to more places through sports.

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